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Artworks of infinite duration are built within game engines where surround sound heightens the sense of immersion. This will be enabled perhaps, by creating physical interfaces that subtly encourage this. I miss them already.

Translation of "xenoform" in Russian

There is nothing quite like setting up an art residency while it is happening. The studio space is in an apartment. One kitchen.

Two studio rooms. A small balcony in the backyard. Ruth and Bruno stayed downstairs a separate bedroom. Located in the center of the Mission, the Xenoform Labs Residency was a vortex of activity.

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We set up a common workspace in the front room. Since it is also my studio, I am essentially co-working with the artists.

Profile - Roblox

I stocked the kitchen with dishes on loan, put vinyl for Xenoform Labs on the front door, added my own artwork to the center room, bought some camping chairs so we could lounge on the back deck and did loads of other small things to make it feel homey. Ruth and Bruno met colleagues: curators, artists, thinkers, technologist and many more. At times it was overwhelming…I hope in a good way. First of all, breath sensors are a remarkable way to navigate in VR.

Upon the inhale, you ascend in VR space and as you the exhale, you descend. It was magical, like scuba diving. The format was casual for all of these, where invited guests could drop in and see what the residents were doing.

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This event structure worked well. And, there is a lot of mundane things to do: cleaning, grocery-shopping, finding tools, directing the residents to the best coffee joint in town and so on. I embraced being a tour guide and was also grateful that they pitched in on dishes and were lovely housemates. Finally, the visitors were super-enthusiastic.

The objective of this multicenter trial was to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Xenform Matrix with respect to restoration of normal anatomy, symptom relief, quality of life, and sexual function over a 1 year period. A prospective cohort of women who received Xenform Matrix during pelvic reconstructive surgery at four US centers from June to October was studied. Prior to initiating this trial all four centers received approval from the Institutional Review Boards at their institutions.

This trial was conducted in accordance with the principles espoused by the Declaration of Helsinki and all local regulations. All patients provided written informed consent. All subjects entered into the study were examined or interviewed over the phone at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after their surgery. Postoperative symptomatic relief was assessed through the use of a standardized validated instrument: the Pelvic Floor Distress Inventory PFDI [ 7 ]. The PFDI is a psychometrically validated, condition specific questionnaire consisting of three scales addressing POP distress, colorectal and anal distress, and urinary distress.

The PFDI has been shown to be reliable and responsive in a comprehensive assessment of the effect of pelvic floor disorders on quality of life [ 7 ]. Pelvic organ prolapse quantification POP-Q is a standardized, validated system for defining the extent of the prolapse. Xenform Matrix was soaked in sterile, room temperature 0. The protocol intentionally did not define a specific procedure to determine the size or shape of the implant.

The study was instead designed to test this material as used by different surgeons using their individual techniques. The graft was immersed in sterile saline until ready for use and was then sutured in place using standard suturing techniques with bites in the graft material and host tissue. Typically, sutures were first anchored to the ligament of interest under direct visualization, and then attached to the edges of the graft, though the specific surgical technique and suture material used was determined by the individual surgeon.

During the baseline subject evaluation a medical history was taken, and physical and pelvic examinations performed.

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Follow-up evaluations were performed at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after surgery. The occurrence of intra-operative complications and postoperative adverse events was documented. Descriptive statistics for continuous variables consisted of the mean and standard deviation SD. The rate of clinical success was calculated as the percentage of subjects showing improvement from baseline of at least one prolapse stage.

Between group difference in success rate was evaluated with the Fisher exact test. All statistical analyses were performed using SAS for Windows version 8. Forty-six subjects were enrolled in the study. Forty-five subjects underwent pelvic floor reconstruction with the Xenform Matrix. Forty-three subjects completed the study. Of the 3 subjects who did not complete the study, one withdrew her consent after screening but before her surgery and the other two dropped out 3 months and 6 months after their surgery.

The average procedure time was minutes SD The average length of stay for the subjects was 1. The improvement from surgery was evident at the primary endpoint of 6 months, which persisted at the 1 year follow-up. These findings are statistically significant. Two patients reported dyspareunia, unrelated to the graft. Three subjects experienced one serious adverse event each; one of the adverse events constipation was deemed by the study physician to be unrelated to Xenform.

This subject had a previous history of pyelonephritis, sepsis, and acute renal failure. This study shows that at 1 year subjects who underwent pelvic reconstruction using this acellular noncrosslinked xenograft derived from fetal bovine dermis had statistically significant improvement in both subjective and objective measurements. There were no erosions noted with this material and it appeared to be safe and efficacious in the treatment of POP.

By comparison, a study of a bovine pericardium collagen matrix implant demonstrated a success rate defined as Ba of more than -1 of Paraiso et al. The study protocol did not mandate a particular procedure for placement of the graft material, in order to allow the material to be studied in a variety of ways at the discretion of the individual surgeon. If a particular surgical technique or graft size had been mandated, the results could only be applied under those conditions, rather than across the broad variety of techniques.

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To date, no one particular technique or graft size has been shown to be the ideal procedure. In this study, the four separate clinical settings were able to customize the graft to individual preference with favorable subjective and anatomical findings. One unexpected outcome from this study was the finding that the results at 6 months were almost identical to the 1 year outcomes both success and failures. This finding demonstrates that in this trial the 6 month data points acted as a direct correlation to the 1 year data points.

If a subject with the Xenform Matrix has success both objective and subjective at 6 months post surgery then one may expect these same results to hold at 1 year. This also was found in subjects having no relief at 6 months. If this finding holds true for other research in pelvic floor reconstruction graft materials then it can perhaps help design further trials with these materials.

If researchers knew that 6 months in pelvic floor research results were equivalent to 1 year results, then trials might be designed in a more efficient manner. But it is not clear whether the 6-month findings would be stable with other particularly non-xenograft materials or other non-tested surgical repair techniques. This single-arm, non-randomized study is limited by the lack of a control arm and the relatively small number of patients. The results from this trial should be confirmed within a larger, double-blind study.

In addition, studies with longer follow-up beyond 1 year will be needed. This prospective study provides evidence of the safety and effectiveness of Xenform Matrix with respect to restoration of normal anatomy, symptom relief, quality of life, and sexual function over a 1-year period. Goldstein reports being a proctor for C. Bard, Inc.

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Naughton reports owning stock in Caldera Medical, Inc. All authors participated in the design and conduct of the study. HBG drafted the manuscript. All authors reviewed and approved the final version of the manuscript.