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  1. The Voices Of Our Children Highlight Their Truth
  2. The Voices Of Our Children Highlight Their Truth | Cerebral Palsy Society
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This information will help us understand if there are sections of society we need to reach so we can engage with a wide range of victims and survivors across England and Wales. The report includes comments from a number of participants who speak movingly about their experiences.

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This work is part of our ambitious research and analysis programme which aims to fill gaps in knowledge about child sexual abuse. These voices are now being heard, sometimes for the first time. Society has not listened in the past but we need to listen now because until we hear clearly what victims and survivors have been trying to tell us for decades we will not break this terrible cycle of child sexual abuse.

You can also watch a video , highlighting the report findings. The economic and manipulative aims that feed disinformation are rooted in a thirst for power, a desire to possess and enjoy, which ultimately makes us victims of something much more tragic: the deceptive power of evil that moves from one lie to another in order to rob us of our interior freedom. That is why education for truth means teaching people how to discern, evaluate and understand our deepest desires and inclinations, lest we lose sight of what is good and yield to every temptation. My American journalism students study the values and standards of good, and to some extent, old- fashioned journalism.

Ever since President Trump came on the political scene, the term fake news has become popular. We need to distinguish between news that disturbs us because of its content or motivation and news that is erroneous, slanted, unfair, planted or incomplete. A Fourth Estate that once was largely committed to the principles of truth and balance has now been disrupted by the culture wars of the past 40 years; Fox News and CNN are both troubled in this regard.

The Voices Of Our Children Highlight Their Truth

They fail sometimes, but in general, they value research, verification, balance and clarity. When they slip up, they acknowledge and correct error, carelessness and bias. Sometimes, yellow journalism simply entertained! Since the s, many mainline newspapers have struggled to maintain the integrity of their news production despite corporatized ownership that has hollowed out newsrooms. In the late s, advertising and circulation began migrating to online sources, many of which do precious little reporting and fact-checking. I hope, and certainly I emphasize in class, that our graduates understand what truth is, who shapes a message, where truth can be found, how it can be undermined and why it matters to each of us.

The Voices Of Our Children Highlight Their Truth | Cerebral Palsy Society

The biggest issue with fake news is that it is not one problem but a multifaceted communication failure at the intersection of mass communication, social media, and interpersonal interaction. One way our communication classes tackle the issue of fake news is by examining why we fall for it. Many receive news primarily through social media; our online habits make us more susceptible to believing erroneous reporting.

News stories of all kinds are often shared by friends across social media through likes and commentary; a Twitter post from a politician that links to an article can then be shared on Facebook. Research by Communication scholar S. Finally, we consider how taking on greater responsibility as citizens and media consumers can help combat fake news. Efforts include revealing the tricks of the fake news trade; emphasizing the need to follow source layering as a re ex; and encouraging a diversification of our personal ecosystems less social media, more newspapers.

Yet sustained time and effort are the most promising tools to combat the pernicious impact of fake news. Many First-year students are thinking for the first time about the other side of the transaction: the audience. Who am I writing to?

Focus on Latin America

What do I want them to think? How will I lead them to this goal responsibly? And what about fake news and research papers? Today, most sources of all types are located and read digitally: so all information looks the same to less-experienced readers.

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Who is the writer talking to? What ideas and other sources does it refer to?

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Who wrote those other things? How can I find that out? Freshman English and its corresponding library instruction are the first places in a Saint Anselm education that focus on identifying fake and fact, weeding out the credulous from the credible, and producing writing that has integrity and substance. Real news is never fake. In the true sense of journalistic integrity, a real piece of news of the highest quality is factually accurate to the best abilities of the writer leaves out interpretation and opinions, even if they are positive and is, in essence, intended to convey facts to a reader, not an agenda or an objective.

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That is not to say a writer does not have one; but if an objective piece is written well, and the argument is compelling enough, a reader should be swayed by the facts at hand.