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Employers often find it far more efficient to ask their employees and other members of their personal networks to refer high-quality candidates to them. Finally, the process of defining job vacancies can take a long time. In some companies, a year or more can elapse between initial conceptualization of a job and actually filling the position. Thus, at any given time, a theoretical position may exist within an organization, but the formal mechanisms of funding, structuring, and writing a job description for the position mean that the job cannot yet be advertised.

That's another reason networking is so valuable. If you can tap into a job in its embryonic stages, you will have a huge advantage over those who wait to answer ads. Let's say Megabucks Corporation is planning a position that you're well qualified for, but the firm is six months away from advertising the job. You don't know about the position, but your networking efforts lead you to a key person, Joe Honcho, at Megabucks.

After talking with you, Honcho attends a meeting and tells his colleagues, "Hey, I just met someone who would be great for that position we're working on. With his team's blessing, Honcho gets you in for a series of interviews. Megabucks still may not be able to hire you until all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted, but once the job is official, you are in -- all before Megabucks even had the chance to advertise the position. The consensus among networking experts is that contacts is a good goal to shoot for.

Why ? Because, supposedly, everyone knows people. If you were going to, say, plan your wedding, the guest list for your side of the aisle could have people on it, according to Brian Krueger in his book College Grad Job Hunter. Others have put it more morbidly: If you died, people would be affected by your death. Does that mean you should feel inadequate if your network comes nowhere near that number? Of course not. Only a small percentage of those I surveyed for A Foot in the Door had a network that large.

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Of survey respondents for the book, only 25 percent had networks of people or more and of those, only 7 percent reached the magic contacts. Among the respondents to the survey I conducted for A Foot in the Door , the three venues that survey-takers found most effective were at meetings of professional organizations, during volunteer experiences, and at charity events and fundraisers.

Some of the wildest ones include during a slaughterhouse fire, in a cadaver lab, while getting a mammogram, as a car-accident witness, on a gondola ride to a mountain top, during a prolonged rain delay at a baseball game, while donating blood, in a hot tub at a conference, and at a psychic fair waiting for a tarot-card reading.

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Monster: One of the oldest job board sites founded in The site includes loads of free content from resume and cover letter writing to interview tips and sample resignation letters. LinkUp: To date, this is the only job search engine that indexes jobs exclusively from company websites. Their daily content delivers vital ideas, context and perspectives on issues that matter most as we age. Their mission is to meet the needs and unleash the potential of older Americans through the power of media.

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    Its stated objective is to enable people to gain basic education and workplace skills. MA Career Information System is an online tool to help you explore careers and find the right education or training program once you have made your career decisions.

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      They offer tools, templates, tips, mentors, and workshops to support small businesses.

      The Job Search Networking Group Guide English Edition Fullversion File PDF Book

      With so many job searching books on the market to choose from, what differentiates Job Hawk? You will not know how useful or willing any of your contacts are until you ask them. As you begin to develop contacts, it is important to think about the types of requests to make of these people. Note: It is important to let everyone know that you are looking for a job, but don't ask contacts if they can hire you or if they know someone who can hire you. This question ends conversations quickly! If they have leads they will tell you about them.

      Remember: Not all of your contacts will be able to help you in your job search.

      Some people will provide better leads than others. Not everyone will have ideas on how to help. Suggestions will also vary depending on how close you are to your contacts. Informational interviewing is a way to get your foot in the door to talk with people you know less well. The goal of this kind of interview is to learn about a type of job or a certain company, not to get a job.

      πŸ” Find Local Networking Events Quickly Using These Handy Tools

      If you want to set up an informational interview, start by listing the types of businesses or professionals you would like to talk with. Next, ask your network for specific contacts, or make a call and ask for an informational interview without a contact. When calling, you simply need to say that you would like to request time to talk with a person for an informational interview. Explain that you are doing a job search and would like to learn about the company. If you are nervous about this process, ask for help from supports. They can practice the call with you, or someone could accompany you to the interview.

      Networking means that you will meet and talk with many people. It is important to maintain a good relationship with them. Follow-up is part of that process and one way to do so is to send a thank you card. A thank you card or letter should be sent immediately after you meet with a person.

      Whether to send a card or letter matters little, but it is important to send something. The goal of follow-up is not to overwhelm contacts, but rather to make them aware of your progress and to continue to get their suggestions if possible. Only keep in touch with contacts who say it is okay to do so. Phone follow-up is also a possibility, but again, only with permission.