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Is the dog allowed on the bed or not? Consistency is key, and all that. Write a list of canine commandments and stick it on the fridge. Does your dog play too rough with your kids? Teach them to be a tree.

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Weaken bad habits by disrupting the daily routines that trigger them. Use the back gate. Does Loki lose his mind when you put his leash on because it always means going for a walk? Desensitize him to the leash. For 30 minutes every day this week, let him wear it around the house without going out. My dogs are very strange. Get a crate and spend a day teaching your dog to use it. If Loki urine marks inside the house, try feeding him in his usual pee spots after you clean the area.

Does Pandora get into the trash? Read this list of mischief management ideas. Pick one that will work for you. Can you come up with more ideas? Pick one teeny tiny training goal. Make a list of everything your dog loves. Then brainstorm ways to use each of those things as rewards for good behavior. Brainstorm a bunch of possible replacement behaviors see step one in this tutorial , then pick one.

This week, have her sit before feeding, playing, going outside, petting, etc. Teach Pandora to really respond to her name. Repeat until she whips around as soon as you call her. Have you been meaning to start clicker training?

Life lessons from my dog

Take five minutes to load the clicker: Click, immediately offer Loki a pea-size treat, repeat times. You are now ready to begin training. Click here to learn more about clicker training. Switch to a similar, but quieter sound: the click of a retractable pen. Keep a close eye on your dog this week. Basically, reward her for doing nothing. Chop up some hot dogs, cheese or chicken into tiny pieces.

Put them in a sealed container in the fridge for easy access. Stash a few containers of non-perishable training treats around your home for quick access for impromptu training sessions, or when you catch your dog doing something right. Train your dog while you watch TV.

Commercial breaks are the perfect length of time for training sessions. It also helps take your mind off that horrible thing that just happened on The Walking Dead. Is Pandora an excessive barker? Train her to bark on command! See if there are any that can be channeled into dog sports. You may have a star athlete on your hands. Click here to learn more. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

The 10 puppy commandments - Your Dog

Take ten minutes to plan a morning routine for your dog. Follow this template: exercise followed by two calmer interactive activities grooming, training, cuddling, etc , then solitary activities breakfast in smart toys, chewing on a bone, etc. The right morning routine will wear Loki out and significantly reduce his destructive tendencies. Tweak plan until you settle on the right formula. Learn the art of controlled chaos. Fill a cardboard box with smelly treats and crumpled up newspaper.

Give Pandora permission to make a huge mess. It works for wolves. Build a flirt pole. Watch hilarity ensue. Challenge Loki to a game of soccer especially popular with herding breeds. The cherry eye was so severe that it covered the entire eyeball on both eyes.

Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments

On top of this, he appeared to be unsocialized to people from what I could see. He was terrified of new people and strangers and he was over-the-top terrified at the vet.

In the beginning, I used a muzzle to walk him in order to avoid an accidental bite. He was very gun shy of having me or anyone else put the hand over his neck or head to put on a collar and leash. The second time I brought him to the vet for the corrective eye surgery muzzled again , I gave him 3 Valium tablets 2 hours before. When I got him into the vet, he was terrified again. The vet assistant had to use a catch pole to hold him in place because none of us could hold him on the leash with a prong collar.

Dr. Jen's Dog Blog

Finally, the eye surgery was done. Afterwards post-surgery, when I brought him home, the first thing he did was stare up at the sky for about 10 minutes. I have high hopes for this boy. But he is definitely fearful. I will never know. This is what happened with my Lucky.

I rescued him abandoned at my church at 8 wks. I have 3 older female dogs who were wonderful with him, showing him the ropes. I socialized him thoroughly with other dogs, people etc. Happy go Lucky, friendly to all nice pup.

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Took him to puppy class, all went well. No fight, no blood. But this ONE experience at approximately 1 yr old has been almost impossible to overcome. Lucky would not go anywhere near this other dog. Wouldnt even go to the class. I dont believe in forcing animals if they are clearly afraid. And he will not continue to learn in a class setting.

See a Problem?

I can finally take him to Pet Smart where the incident occurred though not to the side of the store the training area is located. You can do a great job with early socialization and everything can be going great, and them BAM… something totally out of your control throws a big wrench into things. As time goes on and he has more and more good experiences, his anxiety should continue to improve — lots of time, patience, and rewards for being brave!

This is a well written article, with excellent incites. I do wish there had been more discussion on the use of invisible fences and shock collars. If Heidi had been shocked multiple times before this incident as other dogs walked near her yard, it likely may have been multiple learning incidents that resulted in the fear development. Had a similar incident with a show dog.

Attacked by gSD at 11 weeks… attacked by another 2 gsds and a husky at 23 months and then AGAIN lunged at by a 5 month old gsd at show handling class.