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West Berlin - Wikipedia

Klasse Sache, Deine Initiative. Vielleicht habe ich es rausgelassen, um die Leute nicht mit einer komischen Konjugation zu verwirren, vielleicht habe ich aber auch einfach geschludert.

Danke Dir und freut mich, dass sich auch Muttersprachler hier umschauen :. Is using the genitive incorrect in this situation? The more proper version would be. But that is just not how people would say it in every day life.

I think. No, absolutely not. How did you end up with that? I am fairly new to learning German and was introduced to Als yesterday. I then found your blog as I wanted to learn more about the rules for its use. One area that is either not covered here or I missed it or my German text is incorrect Menschen is that Als is to be used for the past when describing a single incident, but Wenn is to be used to describe frequent occurences.

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  • Could you please clarify this for me? Thank you. This is definitely missing from the post. As for few occurrences… that is an interesting question. So it depends on the phrasing, I think. The element of comparison gets the case based on its function. In your example it is the virtual subject of the virtual. Only that a lot is skipped because it would be repetitive. For more on that chec out my post on comparisons… which I totally forgot to add to the course page :.

    What do you mean by which form? Do you mean what type of word it is? Or do you mean the case that follows? For all who want to go over the exercises of the German Summer Bootcamp again, you can find them under the "Work Out" section. Have fun and happy sweating :. German is easy! The blog for all who want to learn German…. Skip to content. Search for:. Hello everyone, and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we will look at the meaning of: als pron. Bookmark the permalink. Notify of.

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    Fünfjährige Dressurpferde Pferd (Zuchtgebiet) Abstammung Züchter ...

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