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This carries over to teaching, since I get to show or at least TRY to show students how to do this, often using the same data that I mangaged to collect and analyze myself. The most important thing that I do every day is my daily run. Unless I get injured my aging body being a minefield of injuries waiting to explode , I run every day. I used to run lots of road races, ranging from 5k to marathons, but since , I have participated in only two road races per year: the Linguistics Annual 5k, and the Los Angeles Marathon. As of , I have run the LA marathon eleven times and I have run it every year since See a movie giving glimpses of my marathon experiences.

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I have played music ever since I can remember, starting with piano lesson at about age 6. I started playing the clarinet in the 8th grade. I took clarinet lessons and played in ensembles all through junior high, high school, undergraduate years at the University of Oregon, and even during a year of graduate study at Northwestern University. My favorite kind of music is straight ahead jazz a la Dexter Gordon and Bud Powell, but I never got so I could play jazz myself.

Most of my life I played classical music because that was all I was any good at, even though it was far from my favorite type. I like going out to eat with my wife, which we do at least a couple of times a week. I like tinkering with multimedia editing—graphics, sound, video.

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I like to go to plays, esp. I used to like to watch drag racing, but most of the drag strips in Los Angeles were long ago closed. Ideologs and fanatics—political or religious. Television and movies—these media purvey nothing but mind-numbing crap. Better to do it yourself.

Russell G. Research Research Interests All my research and publication is descriptive and historical comparative work on African languages. Learn more about my interests in Korean Fieldwork Almost all the data for my research comes from fieldwork I have done at various times over the past 35 years. The project hired educated native speakers of each of the languages to collect and analyze data from their languages. The in-country Project Coordinator was Dr. See a description of the Yobe Languages Research Project with samples from all the languages. This grant will support a continuation of the work of the previous grant, with much of the same personnel in Nigeria, but it will be expanded to include the Duwai language a close relative of Bade and Ngizim and, in addition to expanding the lexicons from the previous project, will focus on assembling data with an areal perspective, looking for idioms, songs, folktale motifs, cultural material, and the like that reflect shared properites across the languages.

Schuh, Principal Investigator , I from Fall through December with former UCLA student, now alumnus, Alhaji Maina Gimba , on a project which will eventually result in a detailed reference grammar, substantial dictionary, and a collection of texts documenting the Bole language , a Chadic language of the West-A Branch. We are in the process of writing the grammar. I knew there was! She lingered a moment, caught in the same strong current; then she slipped from him and drew back a step or two, pale and troubled. His head reeled and he had to support himself against the table.

Handbook of Insurance: Edition 2 PDF/EPUb Livre par Georges Dionne - voiture01rouge1

All the while he felt as if he were still kissing her, and yet dying of thirst for her lips. Is Zeena mad with me? But this new doctor has scared her about herself. You know she believes all they say the first time she sees them.

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She stood silent a moment, drooping before him like a broken branch. She was so small and weaklooking that it wrung his heart; but suddenly she lifted her head and looked straight at him. Is that it?

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  7. The glow of passion he had felt for her had melted to an aching tenderness. He saw her quick lids beating back the tears, and longed to take her in his arms and soothe her.

    French aching: endolori. He saw that for the first time the thought of the future came to her distinctly. He dropped back into his seat and hid his face in his hands. Despair seized him at the thought of her setting out alone to renew the weary quest for work. In the only place where she was known she was surrounded by indifference or animosity; and what chance had she, inexperienced and untrained, among the million bread-seekers of the cities? It was not possible to think of such things without a revolt of his whole being.

    He sprang up suddenly. Zeena came into the room with her dragging down-at-the-heel step, and quietly took her accustomed seat between them. She poured out her tea, added a great deal of milk to it, helped herself largely to pie and pickles, and made the familiar gesture of adjusting her false teeth before she began to eat. Zeena answered in her every-day tone and, warming to the theme, regaled them with several vivid descriptions of intestinal disturbances among her friends and relatives.

    She looked straight at Mattie as she spoke, a faint smile deepening the vertical lines between her nose and chin.


    She went out of the kitchen and Mattie, rising, began to clear the dishes from the table. The warm still kitchen looked as peaceful as the night before. Ethan dragged himself wearily to his feet. As he reached the door he met Zeena coming back into the room, her lips twitching with anger, a flush of excitement on her sallow face.

    The shawl had slipped from her shoulders and was dragging at her down-trodden heels, and in her hands she carried the fragments of the red glass pickle-dish. The cat done it. He still took refuge there in summer, but when Mattie came to live at the farm he had to give her his stove, and consequently the room was uninhabitable for several months of the year. Then the girl had returned to her task of clearing up the kitchen for the night and he had taken his lantern and gone on his usual round outside the house. It was the first time that Mattie had ever written to him, and the possession of the paper gave him a strange new sense of her nearness; yet it deepened his anguish by reminding him that henceforth they would have no other way of communicating with each other.

    For the life of her smile, the warmth of her voice, only cold paper and dead words!

    Régimes : La vérité sur les nouvelles méthodes pour maigrir

    Confused motions of rebellion stormed in him. He was too young, too strong, too full of the sap of living, to submit so easily to the destruction of his hopes. Must he wear out all his years at the side of a bitter querulous woman? And what good had come of it? She was a hundred times bitterer and more discontented than when he had married her: the one pleasure left her was to inflict pain on him. All the healthy instincts of self-defence rose up in him against such waste Under his cheek he felt a hard object with strange protuberances.

    It was a cushion which Zeena had made for him when they were engaged—the only piece of needlework he had ever seen her do. He flung it across the floor and propped his head against the wall He knew a case of a man over the mountain—a young fellow of about his own age—who had escaped from just such a life of misery by going West with the girl he cared for. His wife had divorced him, and he had married the girl and prospered.


    Meaning of "gadidés" in the French dictionary

    They had a little girl with fair curls, who wore a gold locket and was dressed like a princess. The deserted wife had not done badly either. Her husband had given her the farm and she had managed to sell it, and with that and the alimony she had started a lunch-room at Bettsbridge and bloomed into activity and importance. Ethan was fired by the thought. Why should he not leave with Mattie the next day, instead of letting her go alone?

    He would hide his valise under the seat of the sleigh, and Zeena would suspect French alimony: pension alimentaire. Edith Wharton 75 nothing till she went upstairs for her afternoon nap and found a letter on the bed He rummaged in the drawer for a sheet of paper, found one, and began to write.

    Maybe both of us will do better separate. If he gave the farm and mill to Zeena what would be left him to start his own life with? Once in the West he was sure of picking up work—he would not have feared to try his chance alone. But with Mattie depending on him the case was different. Farm and mill were mortgaged to the limit of their value, and even if she found a purchaser—in itself an unlikely chance—it was doubtful if she could clear a thousand dollars on the sale. Meanwhile, how could she keep the farm going? It was only by incessant labour and personal supervision that Ethan drew a meagre living from his land, and his wife, even if she were in better health than she imagined, could never carry such a burden alone.

    Well, she could go back to her people, then, and see what they would do for her. It was the fate she was forcing on Mattie—why not let her try it herself? By the time she had discovered his whereabouts, and brought suit for divorce, he would probably—wherever he was—be earning enough to pay her a sufficient alimony.

    And the alternative was to let Mattie go forth alone, with far less hope of ultimate provision He had scattered the contents of the table-drawer in his search for a sheet of paper, and as he took up his pen his eye fell on an old copy of the Bettsbridge Eagle. A moment ago he had wondered what he and Mattie were to live on when they reached the West; now he saw that he had not even the money to take her there. Borrowing was out of the question: six months before he had given his only security to raise funds for necessary repairs to the mill, and he knew that without security no one at Starkfield would lend him ten dollars.

    The inexorable facts closed in on him like prison-warders handcuffing a convict. There was no way out—none. He was a prisoner for life, and now his one ray of light was to be extinguished. Tears rose in his throat and slowly burned their way to his lids. As he lay there, the window-pane that faced him, growing gradually lighter, inlaid upon the darkness a square of moon-suffused sky.

    A crooked tree-branch crossed it, a branch of the apple-tree under which, on summer evenings, he had sometimes found Mattie sitting when he came up from the mill. Slowly the rim of the rainy vapours caught fire and burnt away, and a pure moon swung into the blue. Ethan, rising on his elbow, watched the landscape whiten and shape itself under the sculpture of the moon.