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  1. Bright Ideas: 3 Activities to Spark Teaching French Colors
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He learns that his wife has recently died in childbirth but also that Barbara, his love interest, is recently widowed. Hornblower returns to England where he is honorably acquitted of the loss of Sutherland and then realizes that he is something of a popular celebrity. Made a Knight of the Bath and endowed with a considerable amount of wealth, Hornblower is then reunited with an adoring Barbara and his infant son, Richard, and the novel ends on a most happy note.

Bright Ideas: 3 Activities to Spark Teaching French Colors

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Order our Flying Colours Study Guide. Plot Summary. Chapters 1 and 2. Corn Flying Colours by Heather Hammonds. Cup Cakes by Carmel Reilly. Double Act by Dawn McMillan. The Ducks by Rigby. Fred's Doghouse by Rigby. Fresh from the Farm by Rigby. Going to the Beach by Rigby PM.

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Going to the Movies by Rigby PM. Graffiti by Rigby. How Fly Saved the River by Rigby. Ice Skating by Heather Hammonds. Jeni's Lettuce by Rigby. Ladybug, Ladybug by Rigby. Lakes by Julie Haydon. Let's Go Camping!

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Flying colours by Heather Hammonds. I Like Playing by Rigby. Living in Groups by Julie Haydon. Look at the Leaves by Heather Hammonds. Looking at Insects Flying Colours by Rigby.

3 Activities for Teaching French Colors, with Flying Colors! | FluentU French Educator Blog

Luka's New Kite by Julie Ellis. Making Music by Rigby. Rigby Flying Colors by Rigby. As teachers, we have the dubious privilege of periodically having someone come and stand and watch over our shoulder, and then provide us with feedback on how well or not we are doing our job. Some schools my current place of work, as an example require only the most basic lesson plan before an observation — simply a spoken outline of the lesson will do.

Rather than simply encouraging you to be pessimistic and think of all the things that could possibly go wrong, the purpose of this activity is to help you pre-empt those problems, and then have a shot at solving them before they occur.

If you are teaching something that you think your students are likely to find really difficult, you might plan ways to stage the activities more carefully and provide more support. By choosing familiar activities it allows you to concentrate on your instructions, your classroom management, your explanations and the atmosphere in the classroom; and it means that you can better anticipate problems in advance.

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This can also highlight if you need to make some changes. If your school requires a full CELTA-style lesson plan, the ideal is that you should be able to give that plan to someone else and they will then be able to teach your lesson. Far easier said than done, but before your observation try to make the time and the space to switch off and relax. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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